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Changing the Place of Service (POS) Code to (2) in support of telehealth in OpenEMR v4.2.2

Under The dropdown list for changing the POS code, lists code 2 as “Unassigned” This needs to be changed to read; “Telehealth”. I can’t locate a corresponding database entry, list to modify or any code on the /var/www/html/openemr/interface/usergroup/facility_admin.php that I can modify. It appears to be handled by java script (which I know nothing about) Can anyone from earlier times recall how this can be accomplished, we won’t be able to bill until we get this fixed. Thank You in advance. Regards, David

hi @hitechelp, Fix encounter POS (#2057) · openemr/openemr@3a9fd09 · GitHub

@hitechelp I see you noted version 4.2.2, we aren’t really supporting the 4.x branch anymore, do you have a way to upgrade? If not I can look into getting something backported to the 4.2.2 branch

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. When v5.0 came out, we spent a few days testing it and it didn’t run well on our server (very slow) so we bought new servers with Quad core processors. Weeks went into trying various ways to get our system into Ubuntu 16.4 without success. We decided to submit the problem on the forum and wait for help. Several suggestions we’re received and tried to no avail. We recently found a pair of procedures cobbled together that we’re going to try, but with the massive shift to telehealth we need to buy some time with our existing system while I work on getting the new servers up and running.
Anything you can do for us would be greatly appreciated. I can usually get through the code to find where to modify it, but this one escapes me.


hi @hitechelp, did you find the class to edit from what was posted above? That class has been in the codebase at least since the move to github in 2005.

Thank you Stephen, just knowing what file to modify was enough for me to fix it!

Now, with that out of the way, where can I find an Ubuntu download for v5.01 as there isn’t one for 5.02 yet? I need to get going building our new servers. Nothing on the Download page and Wiki search comes up empty.


the deb packages?

Got it. Thanks again for your help.
Truly appreciate it.