Changing Encounter Visit Categories

Hi everyone,

I’m using Open EMR 6.0. I’ve been researching and trying to change/add the Visit Categories in the Patient Encounter page (Office Visit, New Patient, etc.). Many answers are saying go to Administration -> Others -> Calendar, but I don’t see the “Calendar” option anywhere (it’s also not in the Demo). Was this removed after version 5.0? If so how can I make the changes in 6.0?

I also couldn’t find the categories in List/Layout. I did find the SQL table that contains these Categories, but I’m worried that changing these directly in the table will cause problems.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

In v6 the new menu option is: Administration->Clinic->Calendar
Then modify categories there.

In Admin -> Clinic I only see Facilities and Import Holidays. Am I missing a setting somewhere?

I do see Calendars tab in Admin -> Globals -> Calendar, but there isn’t anywhere to change Visit Categories.


hi @HCsquared, is the calendar disabled in Globals?

I checked this too, but after your comment I restarted apache and sql and cleared cache just to make sure, and now the Calendar setting is there, thank you both!

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