Changing code of OpenEMR Express on AWS

Hi, I’m new to AWS and OpenEMR, using OpenEMR express for a client. I understand that modifying the code voids 2014 ONC Certification, but I do not know how to modify it in the first place. Any pointers or tips would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if I sound utterly stupid.

hi @m.elmoualem, you can connect to your instance and transfer files to it and then docker cp them in to the openemr container.

Here are @jesdynf’s tips for Express, openemr-devops/packages/lightsail at master · openemr/openemr-devops · GitHub

Thanks for the quick answer Stephen, my concern is that I’m working on a windows computer and don’t know exactly what “docker cp” means. I understand that using SSH to upload the updates to the instance is possible I just don’t understand how it works from my end.


is it possible to track the file changes with Git on AWS express edition. if so please provide the steps