Changing billing manager default criteria

Hi, @growlingflea

We have been doing some work around the billing manager and ran into this situation.
We changed the default criteria to “Billing Status = Unbilled” and “Last Ins Billed = None”.
However, after doing that, nothing comes up until the criteria are cleared and the update button is clicked. Everything works fine after that.

My question is are these to criteria meant to work together or should they be used in a different way than we are trying to use them?


hi @juggernautsei, those criteria can work together. Have you tried other default scenarios to see if it’s something related to that?

I will run some test and see

I was reading the code to see if there was anything being loaded in regards to the date that was expected and on click it was not used therefore causing the symptoms we are having.
I will update you once I have run those test.

I’ll have to take a look at the code. I’ll let you know what I find.


I did the testing. I put the original back and it does the same thing. There has to be another change that I made that caused the issue.

I added two buttons. One to clear the log and one to view the log in a new tab.

        <?php if (! file_exists($EXPORT_INC)) { ?>
           <a  id="view-log-link" href="#" class='btn btn-default btn-sm' title='<?php xla('See messages from the last set of generated claims'); ?>'><?php echo xlt('View Log') ?></a>
        <?php } ?>
		   <a  id="clear-log" href="#" class='btn btn-default btn-sm' title='<?php xla('Clear the log'); ?>'><?php echo xlt('Clear Log') ?></a>
			    <button onclick="select_all(); return false;" class="btn btn-default btn-sm"><?php  echo xlt('Select All') ?></button>
			    <button  class="btn btn-default btn-sm"><a href="<?php echo $webroot ?>/interface/billing/customize_log.php" target="_blank"><?php  echo xlt('Tab Log') ?></a></button>


So, there is no alarm to be sounded here that I can see. I will try reverting back to the original file and see if the system goes back to normal.

When I am viewing the system in FireFox, this is what I see.

I took one our the criteria out and there is still a blank box populated to the criteria box when if I click the update button with the blank box there is does nothing. Once I delete the blank box. The page loads the data.

So, in changing the criteria, the page still loads the date range even though it is not needed for the new criteria but on reload of the page with the criteria again. The page loads properly.

I hope I am making sense.

You should be able to track the changes you made to the file using git diff.

I use winmerge on my local server to track file changes and I version every major change I make to files as I am developing as a way to keep track and track back to a change that caused an issue.

Just curious, what is your adversity to using source control? If more than one developer is working on the same project or if future developers work on the same project, not using proper source control can really destroy a system and it makes everyone’s life much harder. In turn it adds costs to the customer.

@growlingflea git is not free and it cost money to keep code secret. I try to earn a living coding for OpenEMR. If I put it out on github, I would be giving my work away for free. That is my adversit to using git as my source control. I have a copy of every changed file

It costs about $60/year to keep a git bucket. Also, I think it is beneficial to have others review your code. Plus, you can keep your branches private to your local system without pushing branches to github.

Key point here is that git is a free tool.

You can have local git repos with your own backups to other places for free. Interestingly, Keybase appears to allow private offsite storing of your git repo.