Changes to the eRx interface?

I have a customer who said he’s seeing a message in NewCrop about an order originating from a ‘retail source’ instead of giving the provider’s name.

Screenshot at 2024-05-29 09-54-40

NewCrop tech sppt said:
'Retail History: That’s the information came from your connected EHR, and your EHR sent us the text “Retail History” for the doctor name. That’s what the “Imported From Partner System” means.

Looking at the screenshot, the medication was created and sent from your connected EHR and came over to NewCrop as a free form. You will need to mapped this Medication.’

I have not seen ‘Retail History’ source before. Curious I am if this is a change in the interface code which I dimly recall hearing was updated a while ago?

TIA for any available clue on this.
Best- Harley

NewCrop keeps updating, they’ve been making more changes ever since their “Version 2” debacle.
I’d start with looking in the OpenEMR prescription records and see if the patient really has an entry that’s tagged with “Retail History”. If not, then I’m going to take a wild guess that record came from another provider’s EHR that the patient sees, and was integrated into their SureScripts drug history. Either way, it’s bunk data that shouldn’t be there, at least the Source field is anyway, and interesting that neither SureScripts nor NewCrop screened or did any kind of validation on the Source.

Hi @Penguin8R
Curious I am what you see about the V2 upgrade/ revision/ reincarnation that struck you as a debacle? I’ve been supporting NewCrop on OpenEMR (no experience with their other platform implementations though) for over 10 years and v1 is what was a debacle. V2 is so much more usable and well documented than v1 it’s a comparative dream.

The NewCrop CS tech says the ‘Retail History’ label doesn’t come from the NewCrop side of the connection, but originates from OpenEMR in the data transfer-- but the text doesn’t appear in the error log. The original med order I’m looking at here was entered into the Test Patient’s Prescriptions module in the customer’s OpenEMR, back before the practice signed up for NewCrop, which was long enough ago that that med doesn’t show in the SureScripts history. I do not know which pt record the customer was looking at for their report, though, so I can’t check that order.

Originally the order was entered improperly and had a bunch of missing data including the order expiration date. Interestingly, I just now put in an expiration date into the med in the pt’s Medication ‘Issues’ (NewCrop was NOT triggered when I opened the medication) and the ‘Retail History’ notation disappeared, though it was still listed in the Current Meds section:

I have not seen that ‘Retail History’ tag on any of the many other incorrectly entered med orders I’ve seen over the years so that leads me to think it’s from a recent code mod in OpenEMR.

But ya know, since it’s not being acted on by any pharmacy it’s almost an academic question, isn’t it?

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