Changes in css file not reflecting on the relevant pages

I want make few font size changes in the open emr web page so I edit the css file


e.g #dateNAV {

font-size: 1.875 rem; (   its previous value is 1.5rem )


but no changes reflected on my webpage. Can’t we change the default size??


You’ll want to update the style_ash_blue.scss file in the interface folder, modifying the themes directory in public will cause your changes to be overwritten when any changes to the theme are introduced. The SCSS files located in interface/themes get built to public/themes and are used for production environments. You’d then rebuild your theme with npm build.

Further, you’ll need to manually increment $v_js_includes located in version.php to the next number to ensure cache-busting of old themes. If you’re actively working on changes, I recommend instead setting the environment variable OPENEMR__ENVIRONMENT to DEV which overrides the $v_js_includes variable to the current microtime, resulting in the CSS files never being cached.

Thank you so much Robert I will try this solution.