Changes are done in Stats, Guardian and misc section inside administration-> layout option, but not reflecting back after clicking "save changes" in admin page

(marimuthu) #1

Hello ,

     Whatever changes has been made in administration -> layouts section- Edit layout -> Demographics for misc, guardian and stats (like optional , required in UOR) options, these changes are not reflecting back  in the page. When refresh the page, it shows the same as default a I tried to make changes in the codes but not yet still.

    We need your suggestion and the correct way to resolve this issue.

(Brady Miller) #2

Hi @marimuthu ,

Ensure you have correct php settings:
And ensure you restart apache after changing the php setting.

I suspect that the max_input_vars setting is not set right (and if it is 3000 already, then try 5000).


(marimuthu) #3

Hello Mr.Miller

Thanks for your reply with suggestion.

Actually, I’m working on nginx server with openemr. So I 've changed the value from 3000 into 5000 at contrib/util/ubuntu_package_scripts/production/postinst & contrib/util/ubuntu_package_scripts/production/postinst files. Then restarted the server and php7.0-fpm. Even, I’m getting the issue again.

I need your suggestion that how to change for nginx server with openemr.

Marimuthu A

(Brady Miller) #4

hi @marimuthu ,

You need to edit the php.ini (php configuration file) for your php7.0-fpm ; those files in contrib/util/ubuntu_package_scripts/* are not related to this and are used to build the ubuntu package.


(marimuthu) #5

Thank you Mr.Miller

Its working good after changed the php.ini file at php7.0-fpm.

Marimuthu A