Change Short Description of immunization

(jalea real) #1

Hi, I’m vet, and i would like to change the the short description of the immunization
Do you know where is it?
i mean

(roland w) #2

Hi Jalea,

You should be able to edit them by clicking the edit link. However, in our installation that doesn’t work and throws and “Undefined index: edit_options” error, and “Undefined index: form_id” error ( in the apache2 log at var/log/apache2/error.log), so the link option does nothing.
Seems that it needs some working on. I don’t know what version you use, maybe in your version it works.
But you can edit the short descriptions directly in the “codes” table of OpenEMR. Be careful what you type. You can do it with phpMyAdmin if that is activated in the global settings. Or install it on your machine…

good luck

(Brady Miller) #3


Another option would be to turn on this global setting:
(since I am guessing the CVX list of immunizations is not pertinent to vets)

And then can edit the immunizations at Administration->Lists->Immunizations


(roland w) #4

@brady.miller, @jalea,

yes you are right brady, better answer. We use a custom immunization list, or we would get into trouble with the veterinär Amt; CVX is for humans. Vet immunization lists can be downloaded from the internet.