Change or make Billing Provider different from Service Facility?


OpenEMR Version Number: v5.0.1 (7)
Linux Mint 19.1

When I go to billing and HCFA Form --> CMS 1500 PDF and it shows both Service Facility and Billing Provider with the same information?

Is there anyway to edit the Billing Provider information to be different?

I tried to go to Admins --> Global --> Billings --> Support provider in line item in fee sheet = Checked
But it doesn’t do anything.

Thank you

(Stephen Waite) #2

hi @cornutaurus, you have to have a billing facility setup under Admin->Facilities and then choose it for the encounter.


Awesome, thanks I’ve got it to work where the service facility (box 32) and billing provider (box 33) can be edit.

I have another question, our insurance setup is weird. For some insurance we have to put in box 33 (billing provider) as a clinic and some insurance we have to use the provider. I

So every time I want to switch billing provider (box33) I have to edit it in encounter myself?

I setup the staff with front desk and accounting ability but they can’t edit the billing provider option.

How would I make it so they can edit the box 33 without able to view the notes.