Change Filename on the Fax Dispatch page

(Edward Sears) #1

I have a question, on the fax dispatch page where it shows filename, is there anyway to have it where you can rename the file there? Currently, the office has to attach the file to the patient’s chart, then go into the encounter of the patient, then go to documents and change the filename there. For some reason it acts like it will change the file on this page, but the only thing it does is attach it to the chart.

(ViSolve) #2

Hi Edward_Sears,

Currently OpenEMR doesn’t support this feature .
We need to customize the code to rename document from Dispatch Received Document Screen.


(Edward Sears) #3

Hi ViSolve,

Is there a place that I can post this request for features that I would like to be put into OpenEMR in the future?



(ViSolve) #4

Hello Edward_Sears,
In the openemr community under Openemr Development category, post the suggestion for adding this feature(changing filename in fax dispatch page),the developers in our community will look into this issue and make a necessary customization in openemr.

(albanyeye) #5

Did you ever sort this issue out?
It is a real pain not being able to to change the file name in the Dispatch tab.

(albanyeye) #6

please see this post to fix your problem of filename change in fax dispatch