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CDC Person Under Investigation and Case Report Form

I have started to transpose the CDC’s PUI and Case Report Form.

If anybody is wanting to contribute please feel free. Form is located in contrib\forms\covid19\cdc-pui-case-report-form. All COVID-19 related forms should be located in contrib\forms\covid19\<form-name>

Hello @robert.down, I would like to contribute. Where do i start from. still new to the community and the OpenEMR open source project. I have Experience using git and github. I’m a web Developer from Nigeria.

Hi @David_Olaboye are you on slack?

Feel free to message me and I can try to help you get started with your development environment.

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Okay, Thanks @RachelEllison

Hackinet has completed the layout of the form. Is there something I could help complete on the form. I had previously shown interest in this but could not set up the openEMR on my window machine for development purposes. However, that has been resolved.

Thanks, @RachelEllison, for the resources provided during the period :raised_hands:

[Finished COVID form by Hackinet · Pull Request #3256 · openemr/openemr · GitHub](Here’s the PR) from @Piyush_Jha. And here is a screenshot of the completed form (Though I’m getting some layout breaks using FF and Chrome on a Windows 10 device).

Next step is to address those layout issues, and build in the business and SQL logic

@robert.down It’s seems you haven’t open an issue for this yet or not necessary. anyway I will be glad to assist.

what route can I use to preview PUI and Case Report Form?

I brought in @Piyush_Jha’s PR into the main branch. If you want to test, grab the latest from the main openemr/openemr repo and checkout the covid19–cdc-pui-case-report-form branch.

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