(Elijah Wisdom) #21

@sjpadgett thanks very much. i am good and kicking

(Stephen Waite) #22

hi @sjpadgett, do you have a sample CCDA that can use to test the CCM CCDA import on @brady.miller’s demo farm? Thank you.

(Stephen Nielson) #23

@stephenwaite I used this website to grab sample CCDA’s for my testing:

There are a lot of sample files there.

(Stephen Waite) #24

thank you @adunsulag, tried a few like this one but this 5.0.2 demo is not behaving properly, whatever that means :slight_smile: , under Modules->Care Coordination->Import

sometime you can’t upload a file, other times the file upload failed and have yet to have the View Details button yield anything of interest

(Jerry P) #25

Ho Hum, the CCM mostly relies on many static methods. It will have to be an artful refactor to fix all the static methods calling scheme. Meantime, if you want CCM to work you have to turn off certain error reporting i.e ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_STRICT & ~E_USER_DEPRECATED mainly E_STRICT.
Otherwise import works fine for small import batches but slows markedly when importing after 25 or so imports. Even between sessions due to the way the module handles previous import history. Module keeps doing lookups on that history so, as it grows, so does import of new ccda’s import time…
Really frustrating in the end.
So you know, I helped a practice import over 4000 PF transfer of care ccda’s last year so, somebody owes me a medal or badge for patience and/or achievement. Anybody! :slight_smile:

(Stephen Waite) #26

:medal_military: always wanted to be less strict :slight_smile:

if had cloned the ccda repo instead of clicking save link as to capture the file locally, probably wouldn’t have had to revive this thread :zombie:

(Jerry P) #27

That’s what the kids always hoped for!
So are you saying current version is okay or you’re going to test local? We still have issues with the static methods, right?

(Stephen Waite) #28

current version is working with good .xml :slight_smile:
static still a prob
thank you @sjpadgett