CCDA new feature and upgrade notes

I’ve been in the process of fixing several CCM export and import issues including

  • export/import zip fixes
  • drag/drop import
  • missing demographics
  • better encounter imports creation

I’ve also added feature to export patient documents with CDA for later import to OpenEMR.

The Export Documents check will produce an additional unstructured xml file, companioned with the CCD, that holds the patient documents. Any stored CCDAs will be excluded from the export but all other document types are included.

When importing you can select the zip from file system or drag and drop on the import button in CCM Import:

After import:

Note the Type. Also, when clicking the Undo Imports all the listed imports will be cleared and any cache for the same deleted.
The Chart Pending button will chart all listed imports where the only exception is a patient that is matched to an existing patient. In that case the individual item must be imported with the patient button to the right. In this example I’d need to decide each case and ignore or import and use the OpenEMR duplicate/merge tool.

Some points:

  • If an imported patient has documents and Export Documents is checked then an unstructured document is created.
  • You should import the CCD then the unstructured document. This way a new patient is created so the document import has a place to live. When importing from an OpenEMR export, this is automatic and user doesn’t need to worry about. If the documents are imported without a previous CCD import a new patient is created with demographics and the documents imported.
  • If a patient set has already been imported you may import new documents later by just selecting the unstructured document. This will update demographics and add documents to existing patient if the import comes from the same previous export OpenEMR instance.

I’m sure there’s more but I wanted to get a rough outline published for my testers.


Anyone looking to test here is a pre-patch 2 with questionnaire, ccda and all currently set items for patch 2

Updated 11/3/2022


Note that you may turn off CCDA validation now in Config->Connectors to speed up imports

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