Can't see Fee Sheet price and units on new installation


(Jon Wynveen) #1

On a new installation I set up, I am unable to see the pricing information (modifiers, price, units, justify, note codes) when I look at the fee sheet for a patient encounter. When I look on the demo site (, I’m able to see all of those as I would expect.

I’ve looked through all of the configuration settings in Administration->Globals but it all looks the same. What controls whether those fields are displayed or not?

My New Installation:

(Jon Wynveen) #2

Expected view from demo site:

(Stephen Waite) #3

hi @jwynveen, add the codes under Admin->Codes and set up dropdowns under Admin->Lists->Fee Sheet

(Jon Wynveen) #4

I found that the problem was the custom Code Type I had set up and removed others that had the Fees option selected for them. I had to go to Admin->Lists->Code Types and check Fees for my custom code type