Can't change General Theme (need to logout/login after change this setting)

(Nerik Cavalier) #1

I did upgrade from 4.2.2. to last v5.0.1 (6), everything works fine, only one problem, cant change General Theme. I had this problem after upgrade, then I did new installation of v5.0.1 (6), and restored upgraded data. Same problem, same color.
General Theme (need to logout/login after change this setting)
Please let me know how to resolve this problem

(Brady Miller) #2

Hi @ncavalier ,
Did you logout/login?
After you Save, does the Powder Blue remain chosen on the selector?
Are you seeing anything int he php error log?

(Nerik Cavalier) #3

Hi Brady,

I did logout/Login many times. Same color, no changes.
No any error codes.

(Brady Miller) #4

hi @ncavalier ,
Also ensure you clear your web browser history, cache, and cookies.

(Nerik Cavalier) #5

I did clear web browser history, cache, and cookies
I reinstall to other computer, and after I restore backup file, a got the same problem.

(R Magauran) #6

There are two areas to set the the theme. One is global and the other is user specific.
The first is Administration -> Globals where you set the appearance. My guess is you are changing this global setting but the user has specific settings that are different. Those are found (in the tabs version) in the menu under you username on the top right of the window. Select settings there and select the Appearance/theme specific settings for this user.

(Nerik Cavalier) #7

Thank you very mach for the information.
I had user setting selection.
Problem resolved!!!