Can't attach patient photo in openemr 5.0.1

(aterad) #1

Hello All,
I have noticed that no other user can attach patient pics in openemr 5.0.1 except a user with the super user privilege.
Although, any user can attach the pix through the document module but it will not display and yet the pics is attached in the document module.
Please if you want the front desk to register a new patient how will the pics be attached then.

(Amory Neal) #2

I have the same issue, so if someone gets back to you let me know.



(Brady Miller) #3

hi @Amory_Neal and @aterad ,

This sounds like an ACL issue. Each folder is protected by an ACO

So, can change that ACO and then ensure the users that should have access to the picture have it within their permissions at Administration->ACL.

On a related note, would it make sense to create another ACO specifically for this Patient Photograph folder and place it in all the ACL groups by default?


(Amory Neal) #4


From I remember in a email conversation we had mine was more related to the patient ID was different and that is why the pictures were not showing?


(Brady Miller) #5

hi @Amory_Neal,

Yep, that is a separate issue from @aterad’s permission issue above. Your issue will be addressed in the next patch for 5.0.1. Can also fix it in your codebase if follow the change in this commit:


(Brady Miller) #6

btw, I could be wrong in that @aterad’s issue may be the same as yours. But it appears that the picture shows up with the super user and not other users (which means it’s likely a permission issue).

(Amory Neal) #7


I’m not sure how to get into the codebase to fix it, so I think I should wait for the next patch


(aterad) #8

Hello @brady and @amory,
I don’t think it’s about permission issues, I think it’s a bug and it has been fixed with 5.0.1 patches 3

(Kamil Akhundov) #9

Dear Brady and all,
Is there any custom options to be able to take a picture with the ipad or phone within Open emr?
I find also difficult to find the pictures after havinr taken it. Is there possibility to have thumbnail or grid view of the pictures? And liast question: could the pictures be drown on top?
To show surgical incisions etc.