Cannot View Portal Audits

As an administrator, when i click on the Portal Audit, i have a popup which shows a stack trace. The error is placed under the logs session. Here is a screenshot.

OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version 6.0.3 (patch 3 installed)

I’m using: Google Chrome

Operating System
I’m using: Linux (Centos 7)


path_to_directory\/portal\/patient\/index.php(59): Dispatcher::Dispatch(Object(Phreezer), Object(SavantRenderEngine), '', NULL, Object(GenericRouter))","4 {main}"]}{"orderBy":"Date","orderDesc":true,"rows":[],"totalResults":"0","totalPages":0,"pageSize":20,"currentPage":"1"}```

Looks like you don’t have database permissions to create views.

Thanks for the response. Will check check that out and get back to you

Please i have enabled all privileges for the user in the DB but error still persists
Kindly find the attached screenshot of the privileges.

There may be a chance during upgrade or move of DB that the view has been converted to a table.
Delete the onsite_activity_view in your database and give it a try. Code will auto create after delete.

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Sorry for the late response.

I tried deleting the onsite_activity_view as sjpadgett suggested. You were right. It was converted into a table. It worked after deleting.

Thanks a million

You’re welcome however with inflation such as it is today, a million thanks is not what it used to be.
Perhaps: Thanks a billion is more appropriate!:slight_smile:

:smiley::smiley:Thanks a billion then.