Cannot login - "Invalid username or password" - password expired

I cannot login on my OpenEMR

OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version 7.0.2

I’m using: Firefox 121.0

Operating System
I’m using: Windows 11 64bit

Did you search the forum for similar questions? Yes

After running

select * from log order by date DESC limit 10;

and base64 decoding the result I’m getting

failure: fe80::2a0:3990:6b2d:e14. user password is expired

I’m locked out. Please help!

Your has been expired please check with system admin to update password

I am the sole admin and user, how do I go about updating the password (windows-xampp)

Do you have the DB access

Issue was resolved with the help of @Nilesh_Hake . Many thanks!

The solution was to acces MySQL config and in users_secure table of the openemr db change the last_update_password date to yesterday and clear the login_fail_counter and total_login_fail_counter fields. Then the old password worked as normal.


Your Welcome @Eyedoc

HEllo Nilesh ,
I am have the same issue can you assist?

@Richardburt below is sql you can use for it

UPDATE users_secure set login_fail_counter = 0, last_update_password = “2024-01-16 12:53:00”, last_update = “2024-01-16 12:53:00” WHERE id = 1;

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Many thanks for your assistance .
I was able to solve the issue.