Cannot locate Layout-Based Visit Forms in lists


I am trying to Layout-Based Visit Forms in Lists but cannot find it in the list in List Editor . Need help.

its edited in Administration > Forms > Layouts

Hi @mohamed ,

Thank you for your help. Need some advise on the following:

(1) There is Option column in the layout field definition, am I correct to assume it for validation rules?
(2) In the demographic layout, I am trying to change the values in the “title” field which has the Option “New Patient Form”. I guess the values are defined in the “New Patient Form”. Where do i find this “New Patient Form” or any of the other Options?
(3) Is there a full guide on the Layout Editor?
(4) I was unable to add more rows when i edit any lists. How do i add more rows>

I am a newbie and i spent 3 days looking for these stuff. Its a lot of time gone unproductive. Appreciate your valuable help.

i think this might help

Hi @mohamed ,

I managed to get the pages. The only problem i face is the documents keep mentioning :

3. On Navigation menu select Administration / Lists

4. Select Layout-Based Visit Forms from the Edit List listbox

I could not find LBV Forms in the List. I guess this step is no longer required in version >= 5.0.

Thank you.