Can we integrate a SoftPhone to OpenEMR?


(bel) #1

Hello Everyone,
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Can we integrate a SoftPhone to OpenEMR ?
with adding a module in the menu , how i can modify the menu in OpenEMR , ‘with which source file’ .

Thank you :smile:

(Jerry P) #2

How would this work? When you say softphone are you looking for VOIP? I just added Twilio/RingCentral fax sms which could be made to do calls through their network. Adding SIP etc could get invo;ved…

(bel) #3

thank you Jerry p for your answer ,
i looking for adding SIP , if that can be doining ,
can you help me !

(Rachel Ellison) #4

To alter the clinician interface you’ll want to edit file:


Can you tell me a bit more about what you had in mind for SIP?