Can someone explain how the menu directives work in the standard.json file?

(Daniel) #1

I don’t have a full understanding of how or what the different titles mean in the menu directives, outside of the obvious “label” and “URL”.

For example: what is the purpose of menu_id and target? Requirement? There is very little documentation that I was able to find on this subject.



(Jerry P) #2

Hi Dan,
The menu_id is the id of the menu this menu item will become a part. The target is the id of the iframe/tab the menu item will populate. So menu items belonging to menu_id phb0 can all target the id/named flb tab or target different tabs but all are a part on the menu: pfb0.
The requirement i’m unsure. My guess it is for context i.e requirement: 1 may mean if item exist. or 0 always. I’m just guessing on this and review of code should give insight. If you do track requirement down, be nice to share here for us…