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Can OPENemr serve multiple independent practices?

We ran into a problem installing OPENemr on Azure. So we cannot yet see if OPENemr can meet our requirements for a Behavioral Health Record.

Rather than creating multiple implementations of OPENemr, can OPENemr serve multiple independent practices (multiple subscriber accounts) using one OPENemr SaaS platform? I have a group of providers who are members of an independent practice association where each wants their own fully functional and secure account. They would share data only for contracting requirements, research and internal referrals.

Yes, is the short answer to your question.

Has anyone modified OPENemr and MySQL to support serve multiple solo private practice accounts without installing MySQL for each account?

hi @AMHA-OR as @juggernautsei mentioned, each practice would have to have their own db so one mysql server managing multiple dbs but one codebase on the webserver

The OpenEMR Multiple Sites Module states…

  • Go to http://<your_server_name_or_IP_address>/openemr/admin.php

  • Click ‘Add New Site’

  • Go through the setup step, like a new installation.

  • At Step 2, note the two additional options:

  • Source site (pick a site to copy the configuration files from)

  • Clone Source Database (if want to clone the database of a already existent site)

We hope to stand up OPENemr soon.

I need to assess how much time it will take to setup 50 providers. My WAG is 15 minutes per account.

I would like to use and experience OPENemr so that I can better understand and appreciate the workflow and functionality. I need to determine if OPENemr can be modified for behavioral health.

How does one find a consultant or ambassador for that purpose?

@AMHA-OR One way to find out some information on that would be this search of the forum for ‘behavioral health’.

Not only can you see posts on others’ use cases similar to yours but some of the authoritative information may have been posted by recognized contributors or certified developers who might fit your needs.

One may also post in the ‘help wanted’ topic, specially intended for those soliciting professional help.

Hope that’s helpful…

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@juggernautsei @stephenwaite,
I have some few questions please;

  1. Please after the installation as described, how do you then access each of the installation since they are independent. I meant what will be the address link.

  2. Will each user be attached solely to facility prescribed?


When you have completed the multi site installation you should return to the admin.php page. It will show you each installation where you can click into that instance.
Each database is separate so when you add people to instance A, they won’t be in any other instance and visa versa.

Timothy: You asked "Please after the installation as described, how do you then access each of the installation since they are independent. I meant what will be the address link.?
Mike: I do not have a good technical answer to he above query. Perhaps there might be an address link or just

Timothy. You asked : “Will each user be attached solely to facility prescribed?”
Mike: Yes

multisite works like the default site


with default changed to the name of your new site entered in the setup

each site will have it’s own users not connected in anyway to the other sites

it’s basically a really nice feature for hosting multiple practices with one code footprint and one database server

Mike: I think the response to your statement is yes.

Mike: Ideally, we need a 'Multi Tenant" where each tenant has access to App / base code. But each tenant sets permissions for access to their dB. Ideally, no other facility Admin has access to another facility’s dB (without permission).

That is a very nice feature. That sounds looks like exactly what I need.

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