Can OpenEMR run on a raspberry pi?

I am a US medical student and interested in incorporating OpenEMR into my practice in the future. I do some coding and programming on the side. I was looking to do a proof of concept build on a raspberry pi. Does anyone know if OpenEMR would work on a pi and if so which model you would have to use for it to be quick enough to support a couple users in a small office.

Please describe what models there are, specifically with CPU and amount of RAM, so as to help us make a suggestion.


You’ll need to run ARMv8 – we can’t get the toolchain to compile on ARMv7 anymore after Python’s crypto toolchain suffered some bitrot – but we do supply ARM containers in the docker hub. Note that you’re trying to run MySQL so you need to either mount or (preferably) boot from an external drive unless you want to rub down your SD card so badly you can see daylight through it. My Raspberry needed a firmware patch for that.


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This is super helpful! I’ll look into an SSD for deployment. Thanks!