Can openEMR be used for a game?

Hi, I was wondering if openEMR could be used on a virtual roleplay platform. Is it possible to use the system but limit to where no functions can be used that would reflect or take effect in real life? Would it be possible to set up the system for usage in a video game?

Thanks in advance.

Is your virtual roleplay something in the medical / healthcare space? The application is used for managing electronic medical records. Your question makes very little sense to me as an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system seems so unrelated to virtual roleplaying games that I’m scratching my head trying to understand your use case.

Yeah, so much of OpenEMR’s code is dedicated to doing actual clinical work that the only ‘game’ I could think of it working in is in a simulation of daily life in a healthcare clinic.

But, ok, let’s stretch the definition of ‘game’ to be any competitive activity. Maybe OpenEMR could be the front- end on some massive library of healthcare best- practice measures and statistics. The provider/ players are given patients with random conditions and the provider who cures theirs with the least complications wins?

Or have I just been trolled? :))

Sorry for the lack of detail.

The virtual roleplay game is as you state - essentially a simulation in the day of life for healthcare workers from physicians, lab techs, radiology, etc.

The openEMR system would be used in our virtual game to store fake patient data, prescriptions, whatever else is generated as apart of the simulation.

Would this be possible to incorporate and use it for a simulation and none of the data reflecting true in real life?

Are you familiar with OpenEMR’s architecture, in that it is a standalone website with its own web server which, once it’s installed, doesn’t actually need any connection to the outside world besides data entry? I’m not a webdev so I don’t know more of the technical aspects than that. But the OpenEMR wiki has this to say:

But if you can incorporate a website into the simulation I don’t know why it couldn’t work.

Then the biggest issue is acquiring the dummy data.
The wiki doesn’t have much helpful info but this search of the forum posts does;

Best- Harley

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Short Answer, Yes. As other has mentioned, having a more detailed specification of the game narrative would help. We have been done that before IOS Press Ebooks - SIM-CIG: A Serious Game to Practice and Improve Clinical Guidelines Adoption Based on Computer-Interpretable Guidelines

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Maybe to better answer your question: each instance of OpenEMR is its own entity. If you were to fire up your own instance, the changes you make only exist on your computer or system. Although there is the capability to connect to other systems and transfer data, it takes a good amount of work and configuration to do so. I think the question you are asking is “If I create an instance of OpenEMR, does anything I do on my instance affect the outside world?” The answer is “No. The capability is there but you would not be affecting the outside world with a simple installation.”

In fact, we have several demo sites where anyone can enter in information or change things and not affect the outside world.

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