Can I create a second user and log in a different computer?

Im trying to use two computers in the same office, one for me and one for my secretary
I want to share the same database but with different privileges, how can i do it?

I´m new with OPENEMR

Hello @MaximilianoMtz ,

you’re welcome to OpenEMR.

Your question and the title of the post is a bit misleading. We will need the following information in order to be able to assist you.

  1. What OS are you running on?
  2. What is your use case of OpenEMR?
  3. Would you want your secretary to have access to the same data but with different privileges ?
  4. Are the computers networked?

Hello @kkappiah

1- Im using Windows 11
2- Im a biomedical engineer and im working with a doctor who was using OpenEMR 4.2.0 , he was using it for saving patients data, now i have everything in OpenEMR 7
3- Now he wants me to connect 2 computers, one for him and one for her secretary with de same data but different privileges, I was searching on internet and i found that i can connect the same XAMMP with 2 different computers How to connect One XAMPP server to Multiple developers pc (Tutorial) - YouTube
4- Yes with the same WIFI

NOTE: Im new with OpenEMR and im starting working with doctors who wants this software
Greeting form Mexico

Alright, congratulations to be able to upgrade to the new releases.

Were you successful in connecting the computers?

In order to set up privileges (we call it ACL’s - Access Control List) in OpenEMR, use this link and this link

I’ll recommend you create a dummy user for this purpose. Once you’re satisfied, then you translate them to actual users.

You can always come back if something is unclear to you from the link provided.

Hello @MaximilianoMtz

Another way to view this situation is to understand that OpenEMR is in fact a website contained in the XAMPP webserver that you configured when you installed OpenEMR. What you are attempting to do is to log into the OpenEMR website that is being served by the webserver that has your OpenEMR installed on it. If your OpenEMR is installed on a desktop computer in your office, that’s where the web server is located.

And of course, if your OpenEMR is installed on some cloud server (such as google or AWS) none of the following instructions are necessary: simply aim the browser of the second computer at the URL of the EMR and log in as one of the EMR users.

If you have both office computers connected to the same wifi access point that should put them on the same internal network. That means you can direct the browser on the second computer to the OpenEMR’s URL on the web server computer. The OpenEMR login screen will appear in the second computer’s browser, and you simply log into it as one of the OpenEMR users. Since the second user will be logged into the same OpenEMR as the first user, they will be using the same database.

A couple things need to be in place for all this to work, however.

  • You will need to find the internal IP address of the webserver and make sure you have the correct URL in that server, to lead to the OpenEMR’s login screen. The default URL is in the format, 'https://[internal IP address]/openemr ’
  • Yes, you should set up a new user in the OpenEMR to use from the second computer. But that user does not require any special ACLs, it’s simply one of the EMR’s users configured normally.
  • your wifi access point or your web server may have security measures configured that prevent unapproved users from accessing certain directories or folders in the (OpenEMR) website. If the steps above do not work or you see error messages about access permissions you might want to check that out.
  • these instructions are for a default OpenEMR installation on a generic system but may be different for your own system. As the saying goes, ‘Your Mileage May Vary’.

Good luck!

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Thanks @htuck your post help me a lot to understand how to try it

But, I´m trying to access using my IP adress “like : https:// IP/openemr” with a different workstation and is not working it´s just showing me timeout.
Is there any extra configuration i need to do? Like something with apache?

Hi @MaximilianoMtz

I’m glad my remarks were of some help but I have to admit that what I described is almost the limit of my understanding in this.

I did build such a system several years ago but haven’t done any website configuration since. However I do remember that it’s possible that the process that timed out produced some error message entry to your apache server logs. Have you checked them? Also, are you using the domain name (example, ') or the numeric IP address (e.g., ) ? When connecting to internal IP addresses, generally speaking, you have to use the numeric IP instead of the domain name.

It looks like this is where you get to go all old- school geek, and research the issues and learn the details of website configuration on your own. I searched the internet with DuckDuckGo for “internal IP network configuration” and got some very useful- looking returns.

Or you might try posting more questions here in the forum, though I do not think that strictly speaking what you are looking for is an OpenEMR- related question.

Good luck and please do post back here anything interesting you may find!
Best - Harley