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Can a facility be a sole provider?

I am reading and watching videos as quickly as I can. My eyes are strained. :slight_smile:

I am trying to assess the feasibility of using openEMR for a group of 80 private practice psychologists who will work toward integration but not immediately.

  • We are not a multidisciplinary fully integrated clinic or hospital.
  • We do not yet refer to other psychologists.
  • We do not share patient records.
  • Will submit and manage our claims independently. (We do not have centralized billing, although we may offer this for a facility with more than one psychologist.)
  • Each provider(facility) requires LogIn credentials and permission for psychologist, accountant, receptionist.
  • Each psychologist (Facility Admin?) must have ability to grant and deny others psychologists and/or Super Admin access to accounts and PII and PHI .
    We want control of data privacy, security and integrety with our Board serving as HIPAA admin and security officers.

Can a facility be encapsulated as a sole provider capable of privacy and independent functioning?

I hope I framed the question correctly. I was told that the multiple facility module would allow that.

I don’t want to invest a lot of resources to find out I can’t do that.

I am newb. Thank you for your patience.

Rule of thumb - If they file separate tax returns, they need separate installation.

My question is a data management and processing question.

Setting up an additional facility using the [Add Facility] asks for a separate Tax ID. Does that means the accounting is for a separate taxable entity?

Does a facility of 1 psychologist have their own data security and accounting separate from other facilities and the “mothership”?

For billing purposes


Suggest you set up two providers, two clinics, two patients and try it out.
Best luck.

StephenWaite understood mt potentially confusing my question and answered it below.

multisite works like the default site


with default changed to the name of your new site entered in the setup

each site will have it’s own users not connected in anyway to the other sites

it’s basically a really nice feature for hosting multiple practices with one code footprint and one database server