CAMOS - Not updating encounter

Dear All

  1. I have installed the CAMOS module - Admin-Forms-Form Administration-CAMOS-register-Install DB-Enable.
  2. I open the CAMOS from the Patient encounter - Miscelleneous - CAMOS.
  3. I select the Category, Sub Category, Item and Content and click on Submit Selected Content.
  4. I get a message " *submitted: 1691821755
  5. But I dont see these details saved anywhere in the patient report or encounter. Is there anything else I need to know here so that these entries are inserted into the encounter?
    OpenEmr version 7.0.1

Thanks and Regards,

My Bad…found my mistake.
You have to select a portion of the text inside the Content section and then Click on the Submit Selected Content button. This will insert the selected text to your Encounter.
Also clicking on Submit ALl Content will submit all the details.
I was a bit over excited. It works great.