CAMOS - can't add anything


(Robert Wells) #1

First post here:

I’m using OpenEMR Version Number: v5.0.2 within a docker installation on AWS. The install went well and I’m learning my way around. I wanted “templates”, “macros”, whatever you want to call them and CAMOS seemed the correct route. I installed CAMOS without apparent problems.

When I’m in an encounter and click on CAMOS, the correct form(s) appear with columns for Category, Sub-Category, Item, Content, etc – BUT – when I try to enter anything in the little blanks above the buttons and click “Add”, the form blinks, gives no error message, but also does not list the newly added category… as if nothing is being saved.

However, when I click “Submit All”, then refresh the encounter, the text I entered shows up for the encounter, but if I try to reuse that text, I still see nothing in CAMOS showing what I typed previously and have no way of recalling the template for another patient.

Obviously a user error, but please help.

I can “log” into the ubuntu-hosted instance, but don’t know what logs to look for…