Calender: Listed Appointment Patient Tooltip Modification

(Ben Ipinge) #1

Ola :smiley:

I am running v5.0.1(6), and I would like to change the info that appears when you hover over the booked appointment patient info.

I would like to show the name of insurance they are on, upon hovering the patient info.

I found the ajax_template.php under …\interface\main\calendar\modules\PostCalendar\pntemplates\default\views\day but cannot trace which table $patient_age and $patient_dob is extracting the data from.

What am I missing? :sweat_smile:

(MD Support) #2

Patient dob is stored in patient_data table. Age should always be calculated - either php function or mysql query.

(Ben Ipinge) #3

Thanks MD.

I would like to show the insurance company instead of patient age. What should be done in this case?

(MD Support) #4

Until a decent class support is extended, getInsuranceData provides relevant data.

If you have decent developer support, in the long run you will be better off with using a more functional popup as several workflow steps revolve around appointments.