Calendar shows WRONG Provider 'In Office' schedule

The receptionist opens the Calendar to add the period of time that the doctor will be there, in this case 60 minutes. Remember that calendar asks you to specify the time in minutes.

When the event is recorded, the Calendar shows a longer period of time than the chosen one.
This happened on my test server, and to rule it out I tried it on the official DEMO, and the same error occurs.

Here is an Youtube that shows you that error in the official DEMO.

Calendar Fail on Youtube

Any comment ?

Hi Fernando Guerra,

You can Command this $event[‘duration’] = ($calEndMin - $eStartMin) * 60; line no 643 in below files 1]interface\main\calendar\modules\PostCalendar\pntemplates\default\views\week\ajax_template.html


I attached image below for your reference;

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Thanks so much ! I’ll try it soon when I’ll be completely awake

Do NOT go re-coding your OpenEMR calendar!
What you’re seeing is the calendar’s intended behavior.
What you did in the video is to set the ‘in office’ start time. ‘In office’ and ‘Out of office’ and a few other calendar settings have no actual duration so it ignores what you put in the ‘duration’ box for that. You set the ‘In Office’ time and the calendar extends that status for the rest of the work day, or until it detects an ‘Out of Office’ setting.
The way to set the end time for ‘In Office’ is to set an ‘Out of Office’ time. And again, don’t bother entering a duration for ‘Out Of Office’, the calendar ignores it.


Not everything in OpenEMR is fixed by coding-- some things you simply have to know what you’re doing. Here’s a reference from the wiki about calendar configuration. It uses an old version of OpenEMR but the controls still work the same.

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Thanks for your information .Its working fine… :blush:

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Thanks so much, it worked ok defining In & Out events.

would consider it a bug since the option shouldn’t be available if it’s not working

also it has downstream consequences like the appointments report