Calendar privacy


(hany elmadbouh) #1

I manage a multi specialty clinic where Each provider works independently. One provider prefers to have privacy of his calendar and patients not to be viewed by other providers. Does this feature exist in open EMR and how to implement. Most grateful for advice.

(MD Support) #2

It is integrated system. Calendar can be fixed with few lines of code. But there are other places a determined MD can get this info. If they share support staff, that becomes big problem area from privacy in real life.

If you must, install multiple instances on same sever.

(Jerry P) #3

That’d be my first thought as well. Either run multisite or instance per practice/facility.
Multisite is easier from maintenance for they share common source tree. Ideal for upgrades/patches e.t.c…
I’ve setup and seen multisite run on AWS with 4 different practices of 600 to 1800 patients per using different lab/billing accounts and so forth. These guys are also teaching facilities having as many as 10-12 user logged in at any given time. I consider our multisite very well done and time proven.

disclaimer: I did this as a favor and am not a vendor or do I.T(yuck!). There are some very good vendors available though that can get ya going.

Worth taking a look imo.