Calendar Issue, only show PM availabilities

I created a provider calendar from 8 am to 5 pm (17) for all workdays, and put 1 hour launch time in the noon. Now it shows only PM availablity and rejects the patient appointment in AM. I am new in openEMR . Is there anything I am missing in the global setting? One more question is how we can delete all recurrent “in office time” and set the new ones in the calendar.

Thank you very much.

hi @Hari_Khanal, this is a bug, can you try to set a provider out of office time at 5 to see if it helps?

@stephenwaite, thank you very much for the quick response. I resolved the issue by deleting all future in/out times. It seemed like, the future calendar was overbooked. Still not sure why I saw only PM not AM.

hi @Hari_Khanal, were these recurring times?

Yes, they were recurring

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