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Bug in version 5.0.2 patch1

In the EOB posting section if you click a patient name to get the billing note pop up, it does not let you enter or edit the note. If you bring the interface/billing/sl_eob_patient_note.php file from version 5.0.1 and substitute that, the billing note works. I have not yet found that breaks anything else but it might. I am using windows, but it does the same thing in the online demo.

The next bug is also in the EOB posting section. If you search a patient with charges,click the invoice number and post a payment, that payment posts with a date of 0000.00.00. If you check that same invoice however under the ledger section it gives todays date. This bug did not seem to show up on the online demo and may be windows specific. I cannot find that this section has any files that I have changed for any reason and it seemed to show up on a fresh install as well.

hi @cverk, thanks for the bug report, believe these are fixed in the soon to be release patch 2 but will dbl check and if simple will post the few lines to change.

I installed patch 2, but both of these bugs still seem to be present

thanks for letting me know @cverk, for the billing note, edit line 604
change it to be

  'sl_eob_patient_note.php?patient_id=' + encodeURIComponent(pid), '_blank', 'resizable=1');

could you post a screen shot of the 0000.00.00 date bug please? might be a locale issue

EOB Posting - Invoice_new.pdf (83.9 KB)
Not sure if I uploaded that quite right but it should show an office visit and a couple of 1 dollar payments and a 1 dollar adjustment all of which come with a zero date. I couldn’t get the suggested edit to work for the patient note box but frankly just using the file from version 5.0.1 seems to work fine. I did find that notating out the function that prevents you from saving a zero payment was helpful. Otherwise if say a persons secondary does not pay a balance you cannot get the billing number to advance from -1 to 0 so you can send a statement.

so far I have tried reinstalling openemr, 3 different computers, 3 different browsers (chrome,firefox and edge) , rerunning sql_upgrade and sql_patch and using interface billing files from 5.0.1 and the development files and I still get a date of 0000-00-00 when I post a payment. I also have tried running xampp control as administrator. Has anyone else using windows and xampp had this problem?

We are having this same issue, as well as many others on our billing side with the new updates to v5.02 (3).

hi @PeggyG, @sjpadgett has been generous with putting needed fixes into the patches and has been detailing his work in this thread