Bug in add new message screen


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Hi everyone, I was trying to send message to other users from the reception user in openemr but when I click on add new message the screen apprears properly and when i click on any thing in that screen url not found apprears. It happens for user that dont have “Super User” Permission. I will attach screen with it as well.

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HTML anchor tag link is not properly closed. This is a OpenEMR bug .

We found a root cause and solution to fix this issue.

@brady , Please confirm this and we will send a pull request to OpenEMR code base.


(syedyawar) #4

Thank you @visolveemr I understand its a html href issues , maybe some </a is attached with the link due to wrong placement of ".

(ViSolve) #5


Yes… At interface/main/messages/messages.php line number 287
<a class='more' href=<?php echo $lnkvar; ?></a>
the anchor tag is not properly closed.
Please replace the line with the following fix
<a class='more' href=<?php echo $lnkvar; ?>></a>

Let us know if you have any clarifications.


(Jerry P) #6

Hi @visolveemr As always, terrific work on helping folks on the forum. I’m sure it is appreciated.

A couple questions; I’ve noted you have new monicers ie ViSolve-121, i’m curious :slight_smile: and i’ve embarked on trying to upgrade from bootstrap 3 to 4. If you guys have any concerns or advise, now’d be a great time. Issue: https://github.com/openemr/openemr/issues/2807 PR: Update npm to Bootstrap 4 (#2807) by tywrenn · Pull Request #2809 · openemr/openemr · GitHub
btw: I think @stephenwaite has pr for this

(Stephen Waite) #7

:+1: forgotten anchor bracket by stephenwaite · Pull Request #2821 · openemr/openemr · GitHub

(ViSolve) #8

Hello Jerry

Thank You for your feedback and our new signature’s are just for our internal tracking.

We will try to look into the PR on bootstrap upgrade.

Thank You