Box 31 show name of supervisor or actual renderer

Is there a way to show on the claim form in Box 31 the name of the supervising clinician OR the rendering provider’s name as selected in the dropdown on the fee shee for the respective service line.

Currently, the NPI information for the selected provider correctly shows on the claim, but the name inserted for Box 31 is pulled from this line:

put_hcfa(60, 1, 22, $claim->providerFirstName()." ".$claim->providerLastName());

Any thoughts?

Thank you.

hi @andyflces , if you configure the signature line via Admin->Config->Billing->CMS 1500: Date in Box 31 (Signature) to be Firstname Lastname it will pull the name of the rendering provider from the fee sheet.

To add some logic to use a supervising clinician if selected in the fee sheet would be a new feature.