Blank screen on first start of OpenEMR 5.0.2

Thank you, that works.

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@stephenwaite @brady.miller My next question is: How do I restore my openemr 5.0.2 backup to this docker installation?

you don’t, but you can connect this installation to your database by entering the password information in …/sites/default/sqlconf.php

Backups and restores can be done with dockers like any other installation. The key difference is that need to do the steps within the openemr docker that you now have running. Just think of the docker as a virtual machine and then it makes more sense.

@gutiersa @brady.miller Sadly, I think it fair to say you both overestimate my understanding. I have a Docker installation. I have a backup, on a memory stick, made from a regular installation of 5.0.2 on another machine. I need that data accessible by my new Docker installation. What do I do? I am afraid I will need step by step instructions. My apologies.

hi @rdh61, no prob, we’re up for :person_climbing:

let’s bring in the db first

  1. extract the contents of emr_backup.tar on your :floppy_disk: to your Downloads folder
  2. go there in your terminal prompt; cd ~/Downloads
  3. gzip -d openemr.sql.gz
  4. docker ps we’re looking for the container id for the mariadb to use in the next step
  5. docker cp /home/$USER/Downloads/openemr.sql <mariadb container id>:.
  6. docker exec -it <mariadb container id> /bin/bash
  7. mysql -uroot -proot openemr < openemr.sql
  8. exit
  9. docker exec -it $(docker ps | grep _openemr | cut -f 1 -d " ") /bin/sh
  10. wget
  11. run the upgrade script even though not “upgrading” :); go to localhost/sql_upgrade.php in your browser :fox_face:
  12. back to terminal and rm sql_upgrade.php
  13. exit
  14. go to localhost to login and see your data :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. I have come unstuck at point 5. What have I done wrong?

robert@roberts-work-laptop:~$ cd ~/Downloads
robert@roberts-work-laptop:~/Downloads$ gzip -d openemr.sql.gz
robert@roberts-work-laptop:~/Downloads$ docker ps
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                   COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                                      NAMES
79f95d5fae4c        openemr/openemr:5.0.2   "./"       2 days ago          Up 39 minutes>80/tcp,>443/tcp   openemr_openemr_1
16d0ec71eb7a        mariadb:10.4            "docker-entrypoint.s…"   2 days ago          Up 39 minutes       3306/tcp                                   openemr_mysql_1
robert@roberts-work-laptop:~/Downloads$ docker cp /home/robert/Downloads/openemr.sql <16d0ec71eb7a>:
bash: 16d0ec71eb7a: No such file or directory

hi @rdh61, no need for the less than greater than symbols around the container id and you need the period to specify that you’d like to keep the same name on the copy:

docker cp /home/robert/Downloads/openemr.sql 16d0ec71eb7a:.

Unfortunately, my understanding of docker containerization is minimal, :frowning:

OK, I got through the 11 steps, but what I see in my browser is:

“FATAL ERROR: crypt() function is not working correctly in OpenEMR”

But I have a doubt. When you wrote: “run the upgrade script even though not “upgrading” :); go to localhost/sql_upgrade in your browser” (I found out you meant “localhost/sql_upgrade.php” :slightly_smiling_face:), did you actually mean “run the script” (which I did, as though upgrading from 5.0.1), or did you just mean “go to localhost/sql_upgrade.php in your browser”?

nice catch, i edited, yes, had you run it just in case, it’s good practice

have seen that error before and we’ll have to reset your admin password
so back to the mariadb docker

  1. docker exec -it 16d0ec71eb7a /bin/bash
  2. mysql -uroot -proot openemr
  3. UPDATE users_secure SET password = '$2a$05$MKtnxYsfFPlb2mOW7Qzq2Oz61S26s5E80Yd60lKdX4Wy3PBdEufNu', salt = '$2a$05$MKtnxYsfFPlb2mOW7Qzq2b$' WHERE username = 'admin';
  4. login with admin and pass at localhost

Thank you very much, all good now. If I should find anything not working as I expect, should I post on this thread or start a new one?

it’s fine here

did you have any documents to bring over from your previous install?

Yes, I have lots of documents to bring over!

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need to extract the documents from your backup in your Downloads directory and copy them into your openemr docker

from the terminal prompt

  1. cd ~/Downloads
  2. tar xvzf openemr.tar.gz sites/default/documents

Do you see them extracted?

Yes, they are present and correct.


docker cp sites/default/documents/ $(docker ps | grep _openemr | cut -f 1 -d " "):/var/www/localhost/htdocs/openemr/sites/default/

Thank you again, I can now see my documents when I log in at local host.


I am very glad things are working good for you Robert.

Thank you Mohammad (and for your suggestions).