Billing Under Supervisor Changes Rendering Provider on Encounter

For several insurances, we have to bill under a supervising provider. In the fee sheet, we do have a supervising provider selected, but to my knowledge OpenEMR does not bill under the supervising provider. To address this, in the fee sheet we have been changing rendering provider to the supervising provider. This allows billing to go through.

In looking back at encounters, it is changing the rendering provider on the encounter despite the fact that the ACTUAL rendering provider signed the note (see pic above). The rendering provider should be static, in my opinion, on the encounter, and who the rendering provider is in the billing module should be separate.

Is there something I’m missing related to how to keep the rendering provider static despite changing it in the billing module b/c OpenEMR doesn’t allow to effectively bill under a supervisor.

Just in an EDI stand point, I’m trying to visualize this.

Are you wanting to send a rendering provider and a supervisor loop in the claim? Or are you wanting the system to put the supervising provider as the rendering provider when the claim is created?

In system:
Rendering Provider loop : John Doe
Supervising Provider loop: Jane Smith

In Claim
Rendering Provider loop: Jane Smith

Is this the correct data you’re trying to achieve?

If this is what you’re wanting and you can send both loops rendering and supervising I may be able to help you. My clearinghouse is designed to be able to make edits on the claim like this for customers.

Please see references for HCFA 1500 box 17:

The qualifier for Supervising physician is DQ.