Billing training needed for ERA import

Office Ally is putting all of the insurance payments from different insurance companies into one ERA. The system currently requires that the insurance company be selected to import the ERA and that insurance company is applied to every patient when there are multiple insurance companies in the ERA. This causes it issue of the wrong information being applied to patients accounts.

OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version 6.0.0(3)

I’m using: Chrome

Operating System
I’m using: Ubuntu 20.04

hi @juggernautsei , are you using this to post the ERA?

No we are using the batch payment system. It is better to use the EOB posting instead of the batch payment?

yep, that will get you where you need to be

We are testing now and I will update this thread in minute. Thanks! Stephen

Wouldn’t an easy workaround be to select the claims by insco so the ERA for the batch file will only contain claims for one insco?

@htuck Our issue is that the clearinghouse is giving us the ERA with multiple payers in the file so there is not just one insurance company in the file.

Hi Sherwin- Right, but when the customers put together the batch claim file to send off, how do they select the claims to include? Do they just keep the default criteria ‘DOS Today/ Unbilled’?
I mean, I can see it’d be a bad idea to select them by insco if it meant they’d have to submit multiple small claim files instead of just the single large one, or something.

But if the EOB posting works, of course that’d be the way to go, here.
Just thinking…

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