Billing to Waystar possible?

Does anyone know if OpenEMR works well with Waystar? Right now we can’t directly post to it out of the box? Which clearing houses does OpemEMR uses for billing processing?

We are trying WayStar now and the claims are not compatible. @stephenwaite
I will start looking into making this a format selection in the partner section for Processing Format.
Below is what they sent us back as to what is incompatible with their claim processing.

Here are the items which will need corrected in the test file, as discussed on the call. See below:

1: The below segment (Loop 1000A) has too many fields. Below is what is being submitted currently:

  -NM1*41*2*WAYSTAR      ******46*812344400
        Fixed change Line 1657 X12501837P - $out .= "*" . trim($claim->x12_submitter_name()) .

And here is what it should be corrected to:

 -NM1*41*2*WAYSTAR*****46*812344400 (I eliminated the extra spacing that was present as well)

2: They had us to remove the TIN. Remove from the x12 partner from the setting this entry. ID Number (ETIN)


3: There is some added space with the below segment, that is causing the file to read “Z630” as an unrecognized segment:

    Fixed line 2339 $out .= "*" . $diag_type_code . ":" . trim($diag);

And here is what it should be corrected to:


All of these corrections were made in the src/Billing/X125010837P.php
Please re-upload the corrected file into Waystar once you have made the necessary updates.
837 Institutional Claims Version 5010 Companion Guide_V1.5_August 2021 (2).pdf (191.3 KB)

Hi @juggernautsei , thanks for the report and glad you’re making progress. I think this was fixed in v7 but not 100% on that.

The install that I am fixing is v6. Some very minor stuff. For people still using v6 and want to go to WayStar. These changes will get the x12 to pass their claim check.
I have to check v7 because this user is ready to migrate. I will update here if the file has not been updated.

I see in v7 the code has been refactored. The clearinghouse name has been removed from that loop and the TIN is not in that loop any longer. So, those issues have been solved. Along with the spacing issue.

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