Billing multiple days of service


Is there is a way to bill multiple days of service in one claim

What happened to the Advanced Billing Module?

hi @ncavalier no, it needs separate encounters currently


Thank you!!


You’re welcome @ncavalier. Will be a nice feature that I’d like to contribute.


Hi @stephenwaite, are there plans to have this feature added to the next update? I dropped back to paper claims for various reasons, and it’s a waste of trees not to be able to have multiple dates of service on one CMS-1500 form.



hi @vrjula, sure, we can probably fix both problems you’re having, let’s work on the electronic first for the :deciduous_tree: s!

can you post any electronic errors or describe why you dropped to paper please? thank you


Sure @stephenwaite. It’s not a matter of electronic errors with OpenEMR. It’s just that I no longer participate in any insurance networks. As such, I only file claims on behalf of inpatients I’ve seen in the hospital setting, which occurs in batches. I also want to steer clear of HIPAA, a stance explained well by @sourdoughpablo here: Problems with diagnostic pointers on HCFA-1500. Hence my falling back to sending paper claims. I’m willing to pay the price of delayed payment, which inevitably happens as compared to electronic claims.



ok, it’s actually pretty involved since the hcfa function was simply built for 1 claim per encounter and the remodel would have to sort through all of the items in the billing manager and then see if those encounters could be on the same claim form

same pid
same service facility
same billing provider
same referring provider
same accident date and accident type if appropriate
and then sort the items by date of service and create a new claim if greater than 6 items


Yes, I was afraid that was the case! At least we can use pre-printed HCFA forms, so I don’t have to go out and buy stacks of forms made for the dot-matrix era (they still have tractor feed holes)!