Billing Manager Patient Name Colors

In the billing manager, I’ve been noticing that a number of names are Red or Black and I’ve been unable to find why that is the case. I’ve looked through the code for the billing section and read through the documentation with no luck, so I am wondering if anyone happens to know why that is the case since I see it in both the Demo, and in the version (v6) that our Healthcare Company is using.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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That means there is no subscriber applied to the patient’s insurance. Easiest fix, click the Patient button in the billing manager, it opens the patient to be edited, just click the drop down and choose self.


Thanks for replying @LollyPoppins. One small follow-up question, is it only for the relationship, or does this apply to all the fields that are highlighted as red in OpenEMR to inform us that information is missing?

Thank You again for your help!

@Endelis I just messed around with a test patient a little, looks like all that is really needed is a name. I say choose “self” from the drop down because it will automatically copy all the patient demographic information, seems the easiest way.


Thank you again! This really helps out significantly, weeks and months of trying to figure this out have been solved just like that. Thank you again @LollyPoppins.