Billing Manager - encounters sometimes come in as "Unassigned" for both X12 partner and Insurer

Hello -

Possibly I have gotten past the setup woes, though I won’t know til I restart the computer a number of times

Right now I’m just trying to generate an x12 file. I’ve input the patient’s profile data, and the encounter, and I also have the insurance info in there, and I’ve selected the patient’s insurance from the dropdown

When I go to generate the x12 file in Billing manager, sometimes the encounter I’ve just created will come in with “unassigned” for both x12 partner and “Bill” (insurance name). (And sometimes it correctly fills in with the x12 partner and insurance name. When it comes in unassigned there is nothing to pick from the dropdown menu for that item.

I haven’t figured out what makes the difference between filling in correctly or not, or maybe it’s totally random.

Has anyone encountered this?


OpenEmr 7.0.2
Windows 11

Just want to add more information to this -

Trying to determine as scientifically as I can under which conditions the “Bill” and “X12 partner” fields don’t fill in or don’t have anything in the drop-downs

I could be wrong, but it seems consistent if the visit date is within last few days it fills in; otherwise it doesn’t, or is inconsistent. Does this ring a bell with anyone?

Just to recap - I have my x12 partner entered in the system. I have the insurance entered for this patient. I created a new visit for the patient, then go to ‘fee sheet’ and enter that information. Then I go to billing manager and see this visit that I’ve created. On that page I seem to see something filled in for x12 partner and for “Bill” (insurance company) only if the date of visit was in last few days. Otherwise it says 'unassigned" for both x12 partner and “bill”. At times i can then assign x12 but sometimes I can’t. I can never assign “Bill” if it comes in unassigned


hi @leongruenbaum , check to make sure you’ve assigned the Default X12 partner to the insurance in Admin->Practice Settings->Insurance Companies

also have to make sure the insurance is effective for that date of service since the billing manager will filter out any mismatches

pretty sure there’s a bug that will force you to manually select the insurance and X12 partner if the claim’s been billed elsewhere

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Wow thanks again!

the x12 partner was selected, but for some reason 3-30 was in there as the insurance start date

I have one more question, will post as a new topic in case it will help others