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Billing Location VS Service Location

We were wondering why the system is programmed to look for the billing locations in the user profile instead of searching for service locations.

Not all service locations are billing locations. So, we have several facilities. Only one is a billing location. The rest are service locations. So, under the default facility, the only location the provider can be assigned to is the billing location. Now, all 30 providers are assigned to one location and we can’t change it unless we mark all the facilities as billing facilities.

Does this sound right or practical?
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I do not have a certain answer but you can get one here: or email](

Under Globals>Features there are options to tighten up facility boundaries. Because we are essentially one business and we do services at other facilities, we have unchecked Restrict Users to Facilities and Login Into Facility to allow all providers to be available to all facilities and to flip between facilities more easily.

Our billing staff had me show them how to set up additional facilities. I live in KY, which seems a little different from some of y’all :slight_smile: but I just looked at the CMS1500 and the differences from billing for services in the office include box 24B (POS) - which matches box 32 (service facility; address box a and b are left blank) but box 33 (billing provider) remains the same.

So we have several facilities and one billing location. If we see someone in another office, then POS would also be 11 but box 32 (service facility) would change.

I hope that helps! - and thank you for everything you do!

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hi @juggernautsei, are you talking about the encounter page?

I am talking about here


and here


On the calendar above, if there are two facilities ( this is the demo system). If I select the dropdown to select a specific facility. The calendar will now providers for the Augie Doggie facility because all the providers are assigned by default to the Great Clinic unless, Augie Doggie is marked as a billing facility.

With that said. I understand what @Michael_Farina is saying. We may need to adjust the other settings under billing. Because the first thing I thought was to mark all the facilities as billing facilities so they would show up in the dropdown in the user admin.

We need wyat Michael said is to have providers to freely move around from location to location.

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Hi Sherwin and @Michael_Farina,
I’m getting ready to put up a PR for new DICOM viewer and will try to address this facility selection issue for patch 4.
You need default facility for user to allow non billing location so calendar can be more versatile with event display, correct?
With changes of facility location selections in encounters i’ve made, this requirement is not needed in users any longer. If i’m off here correct me.

@sjpadgett that is correct. As it stands now. we have to make all locations billing facilities. The functions should just get all service locations for the user dropdown Thanks!

Interesting as user group members have default facility select as service facilities so this must be a one off or an issue in the past. Anyway, i’ve changed and will be in patch 4…

oh, here is commit for reference or you want to make change in production:DICOM Viewer Rework by sjpadgett · Pull Request #3730 · openemr/openemr · GitHub

umm, ya usually give me harder issues Sherwin! :slight_smile:

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