Billing info Pop-UP on patient dashboard (solved)

Our billing team wants to have a pop-up window open when the front staff opens a patients chart. The goal is billing can place a note that pops up so the check in staff will do what is in the note when a patient comes in.

I searched the form and found several 10 years old messages and links to the oemr v4 manual but nothing seems to apply to v7 in a meaningful way.

Is this something that was added already and I just can’t find the feature?

If not what current feature can be modified to accomplish this?


It is not a popup but there are billing notes in the system.
(Popups are overused in my opinion)

When in the Posting Payments, click on the patient’s name. There is a popup (hmmm) where a billing note is entered.

The note shows in the patients’ chart.


No popup needed.

@juggernautsei awesome thanks! I’ll get them that information.

I agree with the “too many popups part”. If you get too many, people stop paying attention to them.

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