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Behavioral Health Chemical Dependency treatment plan

We are a Chemical Dependency treatment center and we use the treatment plan as our foundation. It is a living document that needs to be changed and updated consistently. How do other treatment centers handle this?
I thought of putting the treatment plan in demographics so it could help autofill some of the other documents such as progress notes.
Has anyone tried this and if so is there an easy way to make a form? I would like to do it with the code side instead of the lbf maker because it is so repetitive. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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This could be an interesting project. Not ‘easy’ but an idea. If this is a living document that is changing frequently, are you looking to track versions of the document or just save it in its current state. Something that would take customization would be to add a new field so it can be accessed via the demographic screen

For example, for one of my customers (in 502), we have several PDF documents that are auto-generated depending on the age of the child. We can do something similar but create a new view for you.

In order to give you the best answer, I have a few more questions about what you are looking for in a form.

o.k. so I put the treatment form in demographics in its own group. I added all of the fields to the patient_data table. Now I can put things automatically on the treatment plan. My ideal version would let me select a specific field from the patient_data table.

e.g. I have the fields ps1, ps2, ps3 and ps4 all indicating a problems statement on the treatment plan.
For a progress note I would like to select a particular problem for a patient to add to the note to indicate why we discussed it. Right now I can only put all 4 problem statements on the note.

I w

I was hoping I could put some code in to use a list box and select ps1 and then display the field ps1 from the patient_data field. Anyone have any ideas?