Bed Allocation and Bed management

Does anyone have a good Bed allocation and management module? I think Drug administration for inpatients will also be a nice addition.
Myself and my team are working on the workflow, it will be nice to see what anyone has done.

If you search the forum for inpatient bed management you’ll find that there’s a proprietary module that @sergiors has built for this.

As far as I know no one has publicly discussed / made available any kind of Medication Administration Record (MAR) for inpatient drug administration. Its been discussed quite a bit but as far as I know it doesn’t exist in OpenEMR at this point in time. I know of some small hospitals in Africa that just used the current prescriptions / medications to manage things, but its definitely clunky for their use case.

Fantastic. I have seen what @sergiors has done and it is a pretty good job. We will take it from there too.