Backup, restore and Merge in OEMR


(Carlos Quezada) #1

Hello guys, I am new on OpenEMR, we currently have a clinic where OEMR is working perfectly but I work in a medical brigades program also, and we basically work in the field giving, to people without health access, medical attention.
So we want to implement OpenEMR in our brigades, we currently have local servers and we are planning to install OEMR in the local servers and run the clinic, but we are not sure yet about the backups. The idea is that the backup should sync and merge (after the brigade) with our OEMR clinic database. (the clinic mentioned above)
What would you say is the best way to do it?
I’ll be very happy with anything that you can aport.

Hola chicos, soy nuevo en OpenEMR, actualmente tenemos una clínica donde OEMR está funcionando perfectamente pero también trabajo en un programa de brigadas médicas, y básicamente trabajamos en el campo brindando atención médica a personas sin acceso a la salud.
Por lo tanto, queremos implementar OpenEMR en nuestras brigadas, actualmente tenemos servidores locales y estamos planeando instalar OEMR en los servidores locales y ejecutar la clínica, pero aún no estamos seguros de los backups. La idea es que el backup debe sincronizarse y fusionarse (después de la brigada) con nuestra base de datos clínica OEMR (la clinica mencionada arriba).
¿Cuál dirías que es la mejor manera de hacerlo?
Estaré muy contento con todo lo que puedas aportar.

We are using OEMR v5.0.2, and most of our clients are Windows.

Thank you so much! // Muchas gracias!

(Luis Angel Uriarte) #2

Hi. I would use the same OpenEMR system that the clinic uses. I would create, through access control (ACL) profiles for doctors and administrative brigadists, that way you use the same patient database. Luck. regards.

Hola. Yo usaría el mismo sistema OpenEMR que usa la clínica. Crearía, mediantes control de accesos (ACL) perfiles para los médicos y administrativos brigadistas, de esa manera usas la misma base de datos de pacientes. Suerte. Saludos.

(Stephen Waite) #3

There is no merge capability currently so would have to develop something for those out in the field when they return to merge.

(Daniel) #4

You could allow internet access to the server but have it restricted to certain IP addresses if you are worried about security. As long as your employees in the field have internet access they can have access to the version of OpenEMR while in the field.

As far as making backups, you can set up cronjobs that save sqldumps to a local NAS, to Amazon S3 servers, or GCP. I have some customers that have set up access on GCP which allows for setting up access restricted to certain IP addresses (if that is what you prefer). There is also 2-factor authentication for logging in if you have new versions of OpenEMR.