Back/Restore Up AWS OpenEMR Cloud Standard

I have no programming experience. I somehow managed to correctly set up AWS OpenEMR Cloud Standard. I am using a mac and my chrome browser.

I see that there is a manual back-up function within the program that creates an “emr_backup.tar” file. My question is:

  1. Is there a way to automate this as a daily backup (explained to someone with NO programming experience)
  2. How do I restore AWS OpenEMR Cloud Standard using this back-up file.

Again, I have almost zero program experience and am trying to learn this as I go. All of the explanations I see online seem to require programming knowledge. Also, I don’t know if they apply to the cloud version.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Here is a video from AWS

Hi @Ryan_Cohen

I Understand your requirement and will be glad to assist you as an openEMR expert for backup AWS openEMR standard.

yes there is a way to get the daily backup.

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For OpenEMR Cloud - Standard Edition, RDS instance(database) will take automated snapshots at the configured time of day, and encrypted backups of the OpenEMR filesystem and patient records are made via Duplicity to a stack-provided KMS-managed S3 bucket.

Backup time can be adjusted through AWS RDS control panels

Reference links

ViSolve - 002

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How do I restore from a backup?

it’s in the readme

This is the error I get when I follow the readme directions.

hi @Ryan_Cohen, looks like a good question for the architect of the aws cloud packages @jesdynf

did find a lead here

Hi @Ryan_Cohen, could you please share with me how you’ve set up Cloud - Standard on AWS? I have no programming experience either and use the same os and browser. I did finalize the CloudFormation bit but nothing further i.e. EC2 or the other acronyms from the product description.

Thank you.

Is there any reason I can’t just use Amazon’s native backup and restore function? I.e these functions?

Is there any reason I can’t just use Amazon’s native backup and restore function? I.e these functions?

it’s probably ok, would be duplication of effort, not necessarily a bad thing with backups, but you should be able to find the S3 bucket where the incrementals are stored and practice restoring from there

Has this ever been resolved? I now ran into the same issue. See my new thread

Hi, we use only the AWS “native” backup feature. The benefit of doing it that way is that we restore the entire server as it was not just the database. Another benefit we like is that you are not just restoring data but you spin up an entirely new server so that if you want to compare you can. Of if you just want to retrieve, you can.