AWS Support - OpenEMR Cloud - Standard Edition

Hello OpenEMR support, the email address used on AWS bounced back. We sent an email to per but it was rejected.

No documentation exists for upgrading from 7.0.1 to 7.0.2 when the subscription is purchased and deployed through AWS. The problem we have is that the 7.0.1 is deployed via a docker image. There is another 7.0.2 docker image on the file system but there are no instructions for using that version or upgrading the AWS RDS MySQL database.

Can someone from OpenEMR reach out with instructions and/or support since we are paying the subscription free for this?


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Looks like we need to update our customer support email (we will work on changing it to in the near future).

Note OpenEMR does not charge a subscription fee for the packages (all costs are from AWS).

Found upgrade instructions here (always a good idea to back things up first):

Thanks, Brady.

In the documentation, it mentions going to the /root/openemr-devops/packages/lightsail. We do not have a docker-compose.yml file there.

However, we do have a docker-compose.yaml file in the /root/openemr-devops/packages/standard folder that has the correct information.

Would this be the file that we need to reference and then do the ā€œ./docker-compose up -dā€?