AWS Express new install

I completed the OpenEMR Cloud Express on AWS.
Everything seemed to go fine and I have an instance running.
I received the Public, private, IP and DNS information.
When I try to connect the the IP I get an error saying:
“There was a problem connecting to your instance”
When I try ssh to connect, it times out without connecting.
On the EC2 console it shows the instace state as running.

OpenEMR Version
I assume the version is 6.0.
Did I misunderstand it would be auto installed with this?

Tired Chrome and Edge

Operating System
Windows 10 Pro

Did you check the logs?
Can not start OpenEMR to check logs

Try SSH’ing but add -v to generate some more info about the issue. Also, check your network settings in AWS to ensure your security group is allowing inbound traffic on ports 80 (HTTP), 443 (HTTPS), and 22 (SSH)

I suspect this isn’t a security group issue, because if it was security groups it’d be responding on 80/443 – this is a networking issue, the instance either has no public IP or it’s in a VPC subnet that can’t route to the world.

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Thanks for the suggestions.
I tried the -v and it still timed out.
I have also tried a different internet connection (on my pc)
Still same timed out.
I tried to attach and image but could not.
Here is the ssh reply

debug1: Connecting to [] port 22
debug1: conect to address port 22: Connection timed out
ssh: connect to host port 22 Connection timed out

how about restarting the ec2?

On the EC2 console what does it show for your public ip? Did you use the default Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) settings for the network to launch express?

@ adunsulag, the ip address is: took too long to respond
@ stephenwaite I had done a restart but tried again today.
No change in behavior